0fr. Gallery is very pleased to announce the exhibition of this summer

SAM HASKINS: Calendars and other stories

Opening Reception, Thursday the 8th of July 2010, 6pm – 9pm
9. July – 22. August, 10am – 8pm Monday to Saturday, 2pm – 7pm Sunday
0fr, 20 rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris. Metro Republique or Temple.

0fr. Gallery is delighted to present a selection of work by Sam Haskins
(11.11.1926 – 26.11.2009), a photographer who is best known for liberating
figure photography from its cliches; his four seminal black and white books
of the sixties – including the legendary ‘Cowboy Kate’ – and for
pre-Photoshop in-camera montage techniques.

Because of the striking creative designs and fun sexy content many observers
have made the mistake of thinking that Sam¹s work is all about the “girls”.
Its true that Sam brought a bold sense of fun to image making but it was
always apparent – and more so with the passing years – that his work was
first and foremost about the raw art and craft of photography. His prolific
output, described self-effacingly by Sam as ³Me – thinking pictures², was
actually a scholar of photography, deeply in love with the medium and
seeking always to push its creative boundaries while preserving the
classical power of great prints. However, his concept of a great print took
its values as much from illustration and graphics as it did from

The exhibition at 0fr. Gallery is an opportunity to see a selection of the
best calendars produced by Sam during the three decades from 1970, a period
when he was known for his corporate calendar work – especially for Pentax.
Usually working to a minimal or no brief and no art direction. These were
sometimes opportunities for Sam to experiment with complex studio techniques
that took many weeks. On other occasions clashing schedules forced a race
against the clock with a model, one assistant and an exotic location.

An archive of mint condition vintage calendars in their original packaging,
will be made available at the exhibition along with signed and unsigned
prints from Sam¹s recently published book ŒFashion Etcetera¹ and from
legendary work of the 60s., ŒFive Girls¹, ŒCowboy Kate¹, ŒNovember Girl¹ and
ŒAfrican Image¹. Just before his death in November, Sam¹s son Ludwig
persuaded him to produce his one and only set of limited edition prints, a
set of 10 signed and numbered prints from a set of four images, ŒThe
American Landscape Series¹. This is a genuine limited edition with no other
prints of these four images in existence. 0fr. Gallery is proud to be
exhibiting this limited edition for the first time in Europe.

The Sam Haskins exhibition at 0fr. Gallery vividly brings to the surface the
on-going process and influences between photography, fashion and design. Sam
was a master black and white photographer and printer and a brilliant
illustrative, graphic thinker in colour. His images have been influencing
designers, photographers and film directors for decades and this is an
opportunity to view a mix of his legendary personal creative work and rarely
seen commercial images.

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