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0fr. 15 years Garden party video

June 24th, 2011

Incredible party, huge cake, great musicians and dancers, and, and, and, Miss Marion….

0fr. Jencri. Bluemaket, may 4 to may 10

May 3rd, 2010

Vidéo, installation and photo

0fr. Summer

April 6th, 2010

Ce soir vernissage de la nouvelle exposition de Clémence Amette, revenue d’une longue résidence à Hawaï. Sur la photo ça n’a rien à voir, c’est Amah, Marie et Dan, première photo du GuideParis en train de s’écrire.


January 21st, 2010

Ofr. Librairie

Debut. Our original bookshop, Beaurepaire (1996-2006, closed now)

January 11th, 2010


Ofr. Now (films and archives)

January 11th, 2010

0fr. Extension at Zen+dCo by 0fr + lazyhalo

0fr Bookshop

The books we love are from the artists like :

M.Borthwick, Y.Nara, PAM, S.Haskins, G.Luchford, G. Klimt, R.Mapplethorpe, B.Davidson, D.Bailey, C.Schorr, J.Teller, P.Sutherland, N.Knight, Bless, Chanel, YSL, Undercover, L. De Kwiat Kowski, Erté, W.Berman, J. Sterling, Scavullo, E.V.D. Elsken, W. Tillmans, H. Slimane, B. Weber, J. Baronio, G. Bourdin, T. Homma, E. Peyton, M. AlvarezBravo, R. Avedon, W. Eggleston, R. Frank, D. Arbus, H. Newton, S.Shore, I.Penn, C.Mollino, D. Lyon, A. Ginsberg, O. Rindal, J. Szabo, S. Leiter, M. Glaser, S. Bass, J. Tschichold, M/M (Paris), H. Tobias, S.Fairey, S. Invader, Zeus, Tilt, C. Johanson, S. Tauber-Arp, J. Prouvé, C. Twombly, F. Bacon, P. Picasso, E. Schiele, M. Grotjahn, N. Spero, A.Tapiës, J. Albers, P. Klee, J. MirÚ, P. Poiret, R. Simmons, R.Koolhass, (…)

The magazines we love come from all over the world, there are so many, here are some names :
Dorade, The room, Lodown, The journal, Dossier, Dorade, Vintage Interview by Warhol, ANP, face B, Les cahiers Purple, Mousse, Weather Man, Ey !, face b, Selfservice, Purple, Encens, Sang bleu, Metal, Fantastic man, Under the influence, Acne paper, Huge, Come home, Fairy tales, Useless, A magazine, Mark, Frame, Bang bang, 032C, Dong, High  fashion, Kid’s wear, Livraison, Ppaper paradis, (…) We have been distributing hundreds of different titles since 1996, they were our first love, and we’re still passionate about them

Objects we love, that you can sometimes find at 0fr:
Summer shoes by Rivieras, Wool scarfs and leather bags by Meilleur ami, Postcard books by 0fr, Agenda and pocket note books by Astier de Villate, cheap pens by Stabilo, Polaroid 600 cameras,Summer t-shirts from ChapterII, a couch by Grete Jalk, easy chairs by Gunnar Myrstrand, perfumed candles, plus a large choice of art postcards, greetings cards, and correspondence(…)

0fr Gallery: Past exhibitions

(since August 96′)

In our first gallery, 1998/2006, 30, rue Beaurepaire (now closed):
J. Shabazz, P.H Lamps, Marok, Touristas, Poetry of sex, M.Roccuzo, Souvenir de Paris (by André, Zeus, Space Invader and more), Amanite garden, Daltonism, Schaub Sterli, Purple sex opening, Selfservice opening, French opening, A.V.Hash, Fake Fight, Territory, D. Liao, F. Cohen, E. Paturel, J. Welters, M. King, U.Rosenthal, Final Home, 10 posters by 10 artists and many more + Damon and Naomi in concert at the Hôtel du Nord (…)

In our London gallery, 2005/2007, Brick lane (now closed):
Tilt/Lust Project/ L. Bènat/ -Pa/ R. Gianelli-Meriano (…)

At the P. Dorfman gallery, exhibition:
Mon pays c’est Paris. B.Hanquet, A. Vest, S. Manel, S. Toulouse, A. Pagetti, H. Poblete, C. Rebet, KIM, S. Jegard, M-P. Daubernet, S. Ouares, L. Bènat, A. Decourchelle, I. de Moûy, M. Duretz, Missbeck,J-M. Tixier, M-M Thumerelle, P. Montfort, Jay 1, A-H. Honing, C.Montriol (…)

Special project, The temporary shop, Square Gardette
Le Tendre (Paris) By Michaela Lee

In our current gallery, since 2007, 20, rue Dupetit-Thouars:
B. Hanquet, T. Montamat, A. Soux, Damaris Project (fashion), C.Renard & T.Montamat (edition, photos), F.Belo, J.P.Bretin, J.Kedryna , V.Dzuiba, E.Lavenant, M. Le Saout, S.Stein (dessins) C.Brunnquell (collages), A.Le Poutre (peinture), K.Garbay (photo), M.Borthwick (photo, drawings, musique, fire), I.Ionesco (erotic pictures), Men under construction (edition, M.Ohrel, Designes anonymes, Première vision), Starcow (mode), Kyoshu/nostalgie du pays (polaroids and films, N.Ducruet et P.Gréco), Under the influence (edition, with photos of S.Connie Marsh, R.Diaz), Z.Cazalas (flower dinner), Heart breakers (la fraterie, B.César, O.Garbay with gallery Nuke and Analix forever), Mi and Ju (concert and cover art), M.Gabriela-Nordin (set design), Mai (concert), N.Nardin (architecture), D.Pennor’s and P.Boussarie(pochoir), D.Ledoux (photos expérimentales), Coq Sportif (fashion), 50soixante70 (photos, hommage à l’industrie, 1908), Nuke (swedish dinner), X.Zirikiain (surf art), Dream and awake, A.Ercsson (art & fashion), H.Poblete-Bustamente (paintings), Nu Souvenirs (art& fashion), Design and design (edition), Pookiland (edition and toys for kids), Goûts des mots (cooking edition for kids), C. Brunnquell (collage,photographs,drawings,edition), F. Belot (drawings), J.P. Bretin (drawings), J. Kedryna (drawings), V.Dzuiba (drawings), E.Lavenant (drawings), M. Le Saout (drawings), S. Stein (drawings), P.Sutherland (edition and photos), P.Even (photo), V.Costales, H.Stahl, F.Coquerel, S.Bekouet, E.Plongeon (under the influence), Design and design, K. Van Asshe Londerzeel issue 0 (edition), L.Mendian (mode), B.Paula (edition), S.Saastamoinen-Barrois + B.Roché, E.Plongeon and friends, L.Doillon, S.Hay (painting, films, photos, cooking and live music), Tuon (edition), Bunnies in Love (musique), Rivieras (mode), Couscous Club (ten times, dance and boulettes), P. Sutherland (photo), Pictures & Co, E.Almborg, O.Karlin, E. Hartin, A. Flogg (photographs and edition)/ Board Indoor by Zen+dCo (installation)/ Les belles y sont by M. Garel Weiss, B. Hanquet, G. Zingg, T. Montamat, D. Madescu, M. Lucas, Pring, F. Lucas, C. Charuet, A. Begard (paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and design)/ Kaiserin by C. Aschman, G. Greff,B. Herman, K. Orton, B. Le Pluard, R. Pfluger, D. Savorani (photographsand editions)/ S.O.R by D. Ledoux, Asmok + Mpc, Ectropion, S. Hocine, S. Burke, C. Lux, Sublim design, C. Evans (videos, installations,graphism)/ Roule food (tea)/ A.P.I, Daniele Tede-schi, Artus deLavilleon, Aleksi Cavaillez (drawings and photographs)/ N . Descottes (photographs)/ S. Toulouse (drawings and edition)/ C. Amette (drawings)/ D. Hamada (photographs)/ H. Roy (photographs and edition)/ Guillaume AE (installations and photographs)/ D. Meliava (lecture)/ M. Meliava (dinner and songs)/ S. Connie Marsh, A. Thumerelle, Amour, T.Montamat, Artus, D. Hamada (permanent photographs in the bookshop)/ B. Lattanzio (photographs)/ K. Nitta (photographs and video with gogallery)/ P. de Taillac (installation and edition)/ Vier5 (graphism and editions)/ L. Ma (black flower), Souvenirs from earth (video), Jacky (sign painting)/ M. Lee,Y. Miyake, C. Thumerelle, S. Thumerelle,A. Buhot, C. Buhot, O. Montamat, T. Montamat, T. Richard, the Saab 900M 1990, Y. Yaxas, E.Zabelli (models)/ Metal (edition)/ Two bunnies in love (song)/ A. Conn (song), Miss Marion (private screening), Zette Cazalas (dinner)/ C-O. LinnÈ (photographs, with gogo magazine)/ Five times the couscous club by T. Montamat, A. Thumerelle, Areski, Bébert, Aicha, Mike et ses danseuses (western parties)/ Bless (fashion)/ Chapter II (fashion)/ M. Sztrko (erotic lecture)/ Intoxica (fashion)/ Indress (fashion)/ TG931 (fashion)/ Rawkbrune (fashion)/ Loreak Mendian/ Von 100 (fashion)/ Ilovemytees (fashion)/ Gas Japan (graphism)/ Les Fleurs racolent (drawings and editions)/ Natyo(erotic lecture, electric concert, edition) F. Libori + Annamaria (dinner)/ Face & Cie by S. Philouze and M. Földi (wallpaper, photographs) (…)

0fr. Excursions 2009

London H.P’s Cottage, New York Henry, South Criti Triopetra, Thailand Krabi Raillay, Toulouse Le Bousquet, Brooklyn Fort Tilden, Jordanian Easy Desert, Hourtin Lake Bombannes, Atlantic Ocean Contis, Périgord Noir Cénac, Dordogne Lot Montvallent, Winter Lakes Angers, Deauville Sainte Marie, Bruxelles all over, Ajaccio indian summer, St Malo cider cup, Septeuil la jolie, Sud ouest forever (San Sebastian, St. Jean de Luz, Bidart, Bayonne, Hossegord, Cap Ferret, Bordeaux), Cap Vert Islands, Beautiful Loire, Berne (…)

0fr Extension, free live musique and Champagne with Zen+dCo

Christmas tree 08, M.Borthwick, Bow Ribbons, Two Bunnies in Love (…)

0fr at The Palais de Tokyo

Agenda sound system’ (party and edition in direct of an edition of Agenda), Ami Sioux (concert)  (…)

0fr Publications

0fr has edited over fifty different publications.

Magazines like: Pretextes, Close combat, Agenda, Mon Amour, Enville, Magazine, Sureshots, Purple sexe (co-editors), 0fr Print sessions with Hervé Duflot (…) and Books like GuideParis, Mon pays c’est paris, T-shirt graphics, Paris Style , Agenda-le-livre , GuideParis 09 with pictures of D.Ledoux, Ami Sioux Paris 48°49N2°29E, Peter Sutherland Road Beef, Let me stand next to your fire by 0fr, I could die for you by Clémence Amette, From Hell by Sublim design, I miss you by S.Kulsa, Vision Astract by D.Ledoux, Yamas by B.Hanquet, Fauna &Flora by S.Toulouse, Villasukkakansa by S.Saastamoinen-Barrois, Garden Ruin by F.Coquerel, And We drink by R.Bernardie James, Accords des corps by A.Lam, Seventeen countries by S.Schildge (…)

We are now publishing art books and catalogues of the artists we support.

0fr Affiliates

Carrousel du Louvre. Temporary Ofr bookshop,during the fashion shows (Louvre)
Porte de Versailles. Temporary Ofr bookshop,during Who’s next (Porte de Versailles)
Espace Pierre Cardin. Temporary Ofr bookshop,during Rendez-vous (Concorde)
Grand Palais. Temporary 0fr art bookshop during the Fiac (Alma)
Première Vision. Temporary 0fr textile bookshop on Zoom by Fatex (Villepinte)

0fr Directors

Marie Thumerelle and Alexandre Thumerelle


0fr. Librairie, galerie
20, rue Dupetit-Thouars (Carreau du Temple), 75003 Paris.
Metro stations: Temple, République or Filles du Calvaire.
Between République and rue de Bretagne

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