0fr. Logis, furniture for the house 11-13/03/2011

0fr. Logis is a collective expo of functional furniture made by artists we exhibit normally for their other skills. On the picture you can see Cheri Messerli, jeweler, who designed these very nice table (250€) (stool on the picture by 0fr. design, 49€). Friday saturday and sunday you’ll find the original pieces for the home of Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois, Jeremy barrois, Olivier Dolle, Blaise Hanquet, Designnoma, Aurore Thibout, Remi Perret, Fidel Chapo, Emma Chaillier, Pascale Freydier, Guillaume ae, Adrian Rubi-Dentzel, David Rager, Ovid Uman, Raphaël Ponsich and Valerie Gerardin. This event is curated by Alina Profir. Next 0fr. Logis in June (…)

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    March 10th, 2011 at 3:28 am

    i met that cute girl somewhere….

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